Saturday, April 30, 2011

Volontie 1 - Eric Charsky

Volontie 1 will be entering the Global Ocean Race in October of 2011.  Watch as Cancer Ranger, Eric Charsky, inspires cancer patients and wounded veterans by sailing around the world in the GOR.   Starting and ending in Spain, Eric and his boat, Volontie 1, will be a dynamic force in the water while cancer survivors, and anyone being held back by their limited beliefs, can follow this triumphant journey and hold it as proof that anything is possible, no matter what your perceived obstacles are in life.  


Volontie 1

My friend, Eric Charsky is preparing to sail around the world in the Global Ocean Race on his boat, come October, 2011.  This is my personal response to Eric and how I'm more tied to this now than even just a few days ago...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Craftsman Sidekick Search - Lauren Strec

Here is Lauren Strec showing her skills as she guns for the "sidekick" role on The Down and Dirty show with Frank Fontana by Craftsman.

If you want to help a burgeoning Chicago talent catch a break, vote for her at the Craftsman Facebook fan page by leaving a positive comment on her on camera work and "sidekick" skills...